The Pros and Cons of DIY Sales Training for Retail Store Employees

man holding a plus sign in one hand and minus sign in the other

There is no doubt that sales and marketing staff are the backbone of all businesses, however big or small they might be. In today’s competitive world, regular training of the sales force is extremely important. It helps them to sharpen their skills and makes them more productive. It also helps them to remain motivated in a highly demanding and tough marketplace.

Here are few reasons why it makes sense to pay importance to the regular training of the sales force.


Ease of Use

One of the biggest advantages of DIY sales training kits is that they are easy to use. The marketing and sales force will not find it too difficult to understand. Further, since they will be available at the doorsteps, the employees can make use of it at their own convenience and timings. It will be helpful across the board, irrespective of the age, qualification, gender or experience.

Highly Interactive

Another advantage of using these DIY training kits for retail store employees is that they are interactive and not monologue in nature. It persuades and motivates the sales force to participate and thereby improves their skill sets considerably.

Further, since they are now available online and also given in a 'ready to use' format, the job becomes much easier for the end users.


DIY sales training kits are well known for their ability to be customized to suit specific needs and requirements. There is no point having the most sophisticated sales training kit if it's not practical, useful and if it doesn't serve the purpose. However, DIY kits in most cases are known for their versatility and ease of customization.

Result Oriented

Another important point is always to ensure that we go in for solutions which are result oriented. Without this being in place, such tools and DIY kits would not serve any purpose whatsoever.


Lack of Accountability

This is a big problem with all DIY sales training modules. Unless one is self-motivated and determined, he or she will not be able to make much headway.

Lack Of Credibility

Another big challenge is the fact that many of these DIY courses lack credibility and it may not catch the attention of employers and therefore it could crumble before it actually takes off.

So, if one does the right kind of due diligence and then chooses the right DIY sales training module, it certainly will help a lot.